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Elimination Lyrics

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There are some diseases that affect your flow

Renal failure, chronic and acute, you know

Things like blood clots, pressure from other stuff

Rock hard knots in the system called calculi, that’s ruff

uterine prolapse, Rectocele, and cystocele

Stress, anxiety, man you know how I feel!

My pelvic floor muscles are weak

I pee everytime I speaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

Makes me nervous every time I sneeze

Give me some pull-ups…I need’em pleeze!

Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop


People please, I need a mop!

Next thing I know….I can’t stop the flow

Gotta Go,Gotta Go Gotta Go!

Stress, Urge, Reflex and Over flow

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know

Help me somebody pleeze!

I need to do my Kegel’s , Golly,Geeeze!

I can’t get rid of the stress!

Peeing on myself is a definite mess!

I’m dehydrated, cause I won’t drink

If I pee on myself I’ll stink!

I’m delirious, constipated, and a mess!

Gotta see a doctor, soon, I guess