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Competency Three
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Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies


Competency 3 – Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies

Nurse educators use a variety of strategies to assess and evaluate student learning inclassroom, laboratory and clinical settings, as well as in all domains of learning. To useassessment and evaluation strategies effectively, the nurse educator:Uses a variety of strategies to assess and evaluate learning in the cognitive,psychomotor, and affective domains

a.       For a course which has a clinical component I am required to assess the students learning and practice of skills which develop clinical reasoning.  I developed a tool which the nurse preceptor uses to evaluate each students progress in the clinical area. This tool assists me in evaluating the students’ progress and continued needs where clinical learning and reasoning is concerned. The tool gave the preceptor an opportunity to answer questions concerning the students timliness with procedures, organization, level of expertise in skills performance and intepersonal relations.

 Uses assessment and evaluation data to enhance the teaching-learning process.

a.      Based on Brookfield’s Critical Incident Questionnaire, questions are posed to the students in their clinical process papers as well as in class to ascertain their perceptive feedback regarding their learning.  As these perceptions are recorded by the students, they are read and adjustments are made accordingly in teaching styles that will affect the students’ learning styles.  Further, the journal entries were compiled as a research project on student learning preferences.  This research was presented in Washington D. C. June of 2010 at the Conference on Higher Education

These three questions are asked and the student answers on a sheet of paper, turns the paper face down and leaves it at the back of the room : a)What went right today? b) What went wrong today? c) What do you suggest?

This gives the student an opportunity to effectively communicate their needs and gives me the teacher an opportunity to meet the student on his/her learning ground.

Brookfield, S.  Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher. http://www.valenciacc.edu/facultydevelopment/tla/documents/Brookfield.pdf.Chapter 6, page 115.

Student communication revealing trust in the partner relationship; seeking guidance and advice

A couple of questions-
 Hey Dianne- I just finished my microbiology lab final and so I am going to start getting ready for the nursing final.  I had a couple of questions from the sections that you taught that Marie put on the handout saying there would be questions on the final from them.  My first question was on the Thyroid section, in paranthesis Marie put "(meds)" but I dont remember going over any meds for that section, I do not mind learning about them though but I was wondering if you could let me know what medications I need to read up on for that section.  Also on the Urinary Elimination section, I am just wondering what would be the best material to study, the handouts you gave us in class, the book, or going over the old test.  Thanks so much in advance for answering all my questions and for all of your help!!!
 One more little note-
 I just wanted to tell you Thank You! again so very much for breakfast, that was very very kind of you, and it was delicious.  I just want you to know that you have been a great instructor and that I have learned quite a lot from you.  You are a great nurse and have been a good example of the type of nurse I want to become. So thank you again! See you Thursday!
 Sincerely, Valerie Bean