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Competency Six
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Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Nurse Educator Role


Competency 6 - Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Nurse EducatorRoleNurse educators recognize that their role is multidimensional and that an ongoing commitment to develop and maintain competence in the role is essential. To pursuecontinuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role, the individual: 
• Demonstrates a commitment to life-long learning   I completed within the last 4 years a second graduate degree in Nursing Education and an Ed.D in health care professions. 
• Balances the teaching, scholarship, and service demands inherent in the role ofeducator and member of an academic institutionDuring the time of completing second graduate degree in Nursing Education and completing an Ed.D in Health Care Professions, there were 6 publications: 2 poster presentations and 2 podium presentations nationally.  There was one podium presentation internationally at The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdon.  I serve on the Research Council at the local medical center where I work as a float registered nurse in the critical care units and on the floors.
The articles can be found at the sites below.


McAdams-Jones, D. Students involvement in curriculum, what are the benefits?           The 5th National Conference on Evidence Based Practice. Texas University          School of Nursing, San Antonio, Texas. Poster Presentation. July, 2010.







Another commitment to life long learning.  Setting an example for my students.  Staying in-step with technology in teaching. Completed  an Ed.D program for nurses, Health Care Professions, College of Saint Mary, Omaha, Nebraska