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Competency Seven
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Engage in Scholarship


Competency 7 – Engage in Scholarship
Nurse educators acknowledge that scholarship is an integral component of the faculty role,and that teaching itself is a scholarly activity. To engage effectively in scholarship, the nurseeducator: 
Draws on extant literature to design evidence-based teaching and evaluationPractices Exhibits a spirit of inquiry about teaching and learning, student development,evaluation methods, and other aspects of the role view articles at:
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 Disseminates nursing and teaching knowledge to a variety of audiences throughvarious means. View article at:
http://diannemcadamsjones.cgpublisher.com/This research was published in the International Journal of Integrated Social Sciences.  A podium presentation of the research was delivered at the 5th Annual Conference of the Integrated Social Sciences in Cambridge United Kingdom by this author.


Graduation Ed.D Program

Demonstrates skill in proposal writing for initiatives that include, but are not limited to research, resource acquisition, program development and policy developement:

A grant was written in conjunction with Lab Director, Susan Rasmussen, for $53,000 to reconstruct the learning lab.  This construction was completed in August of 2007 where we now have a simulator laboratory with and observatory. 

I wrote for and received a grant for $23,000 to purchase simulator families for the purpose of 'hands on' learning integrating critical thinking skills in acute illnesses relative to diverse environments (the simulators are culturally designated by skin tones).

Several other grants totalling $6,000 were written by me which provided other learning enhancements to the laboratory including scales for weighing patients, infomatics teaching tools, and a hydraulic stretcher.

Another grant for $5,000 was awarded and 4 AED's were purchased for the athletic fields (implementing nursing interventions to provide emergency care for the students training on the athletic fields).

A Scholarly Activities grant was written and $3,000 was awarded for my  continued research in Using Music as a Pedagogy in the Teaching of Students.