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Competency Eight
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Function Within the Educational Environment


Competency 8 – Function within the Educational Environment
Nurse educators are knowledgeable about the educational environment within which they
practice and recognize how political, institutional, social and economic forces impact their role. To function as a good “citizen of the academy,” the nurse educator:
  Uses knowledge of history and current trends and issues in higher education as a basis for making recommendations and decisions on educational issues. 
The recognition of this millennial generations’ techno savvy presence encouraged me to return to school and to become more familiar with the technology used in the evironment.   Each course taught by me is posted on the schools electronic learning board.  Also, I maintain a window to the world through my website here. 
Identifies how social, economic, political, and institutional forces influence higher education in general and nursing education in particular.   
 Every opportunity to present research relative to student learning is welcomed. In June of 2010, two research projects were presented in Washington DC, San Antonio, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. 


Podium presentation at the 11th Annual Evidenced Based Conference in Nursing at Arizona State University where Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the United States was keynote speaker

Developing networks, collaborating and partnerships to enhance nursing's influence within the academic community

Regional Science Fair Judge for the past 3 years




This makes it all worthwhile